Twirl Time Studio - The Ultimate Twirling Place
BATONS: Purchased at Twirl Time
$28.00 (includes tax)

Proper Dress Code

No Jeans    No Jewelry    No Socks on Floor
Class Attire: Close fitting active wear, shorts, leotards & tights, dance skirts, tank tops, t-shirts (not oversized, but should cover the entire waist) dress for lots of stretches, kicks, jumps, leaps & more!

HAIR:  Pony tail, Head Band, etc.  (Away from face & neck)

Jazz shoe for Junior/Senior Dance
We prefer a light weight canvas  tennis shoe or jazz shoe.
No Street shoes on Dance Floor.  Always bring your “Dance” or “Twirl” shoes.  The FLOOR must stay clean and dry at all times.   There will be no exceptions to this rule. 
Types of Shoes Required:  
Canvas Tennis Shoe or Jazz Shoe   
Students need to wear a light weight shoe with a thin rubber sole that offers flexibility for footwork.  Our floor is geared to the twirling focus of our studio.  (Except for Lyrical Ballet)

BATON CLASS: Canvas tennis shoes, Professional In-step Twirling shoe, or Jazz shoe ONLY! (No Socks, No Bare Feet) 
Canvas shoe, Faded Glory (Wal-Mart $6.00) Keds, Sketchers, Target Brand, etc.  Payless has Jazz shoes.  

Twirl Time Sells Jazz Shoes and In-Step Twirl Shoes  (sizing kits)
Twirl Time carries some dance attire and performance tights.

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