We Perform On Stage, We march in Parades, We Toss High on the football Field! 

Recreation - Show - Competitive

All Levels Tots to Teens!

Twirl Time's Goal

Twirl Time Studio is  

Celebrating it's 7th Season!

We teach our children positive

Self -Talk Skills & Team Work 

We Treat Children

with Respect.  

Kids First, Not Trophies!

We do Not

over schedule or over charge.


We believe in FAMILY and respect values that enhance confidence and positive memories that our students will have for a life time!

"If You are Confident 

You are Beautiful"

We define Confidence by how we Treat One Another.


Supporting Community and making friends!



"Words can Build Up or Tear Down the Confidence of a Child"  Words Matter. We develop strong, confident performers!

Twirl Time Studio is a great studio to prepare for high school & collegiate tryouts! We have had the honor of the University of Pittsburgh's Golden Girls come to our studio for both a performance and workshop! We hope to continue these unique opportunities for our students, so their goals can include preparing for collegiate twirl and dance. 




Marianne Rieg M.L.L.S.  holds a master's degree in Leadership Development from Duquesne University and has worked in the human resource/social service industry for years. She is a former 3 time Advanced Pennsylvania State 2-baton N.B.T.A. Champion. Teaching Jazz, Ballet and Lyrical dance for 30 years.  N.B.T.A. competitive baton twirling solo and team coach and has taught numerous majorette, dance lines for high schools in the Pa and Ohio areas. She is a Miss Pennsylvania/America Judge, former local Director and a pageant coach.

Marianne won the National Dance Instructor of the Year 2019 sponsored by Great Mats.

"Our children are made for more than a dance step, winning a trophy, or belonging to an Elite Group."  We provide meaning in all our lesson plans that will last a life time.


Annie is an award-winning Twirler and Dancer.  Annie loves to teach Ballet, Jazz, Baton, Tap, Hip Hop and Tumbling! She is a member of the USA baton twirling team, The Jazz Dolls from Canton Ohio who will be traveling to Holland 2020 and England 2021. Annie is the  Intermediate Pennsylvania State Solo Twirling Champion 2020.  She is also the Arnold Classic Intermediate Twirling Winner 2020. She has won numerous awards for twirling, dance and pageantry.  She is a former Miss Saxonburg.  Former Miss Italy, and the Director of the Miss Pittsburgh and Saxonburg Pageant.  Annie has completed leadership training and has been working with children for more than 10 years.  She is also a 4.0 student and the Presidential Academic Award Winner.  She is a member of National Honor Society and the Spanish National Honor Society. She is auditioning this year to twirl for the University of Pittsburgh where she will be a student in the pre-med program!



Want to be a Champion using advanced Tumble and Acro Arts Skills, Coach Tim Moore is the instructor for you.  Tim has been teaching Gymnastics, Twirling and Ballet Technique, specializing in Jumps, Leaps and Spins for more than 30 years. He has worked with students competing and winning on National and International levels. 

He is known for his technique lessons that help students to perfect their teacher's choreography, timing and execution of bodywork and twirls.  He lives in Canton Ohio and works with several other studios in Ohio and Pennsylvania.  He puts our studio on his busy schedule two days a week and loves watching our beginner kids get that first Cart Wheel.  




Our staff follow safety guidelines for Covid-19

8-15-2020  We are a Mask Wearing Studio. (at this time)

We can't wait to drop the mask, but our promise to our students and families is to keep our studio as safe as possible.  We need to protect and take care of one another.  As an owner and someone who has worked with children for more than 35 years, my thoughts are "if masks can help to keep the spikes from rising, and we do our part, maybe our studios will stay open and serve our children during a time that is so difficult for all.  We love you and we care for you! 

Let's work together so we can stay together!


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216 W 9th Avenue, Tarentum, Pa, 15084

CALL: 412-889-0179 


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Our Hours of Operation are Limited. 

We are open when classes are taking place.

Please call ahead and make an appointment.