Princess Ballerinas – Ballet/Jazz   Beginner Level


Students learn creative movement, basic ballet and jazz steps. Introduction to technique and musicality. They will move their way through the class enjoying some of their favorite  Disney tunes and Fairy tale Princess Themes.

Recital: One Dance, One Costume.


Buddy Dance - Adult assisted for Little Learners.


Buddy Dance is an introduction to dance and creative movement while having support from your dancing buddy. This class is an upbeat class that introduces basic dance steps, balance, coordination, taking turns, pretend and play. This is a story-based dance program for boys and girls. It builds confidence, personal development, life skills and performance skills in a fun and imaginative environment. Recital is optional:  One Dance, One Costume.


Dance Twirl Combo – Baton/Dance (Pom Parade included for the Mini Classes).


This class is great for the student who enjoys a variety of learning. Baton twirling, Dance (ballet-jazz) and for our mini’s we include pom parade. Baton is the best skill for eye hand coordination, balance, and increasing the ability to combine bodywork and twirling. Dance is a combination of ballet and jazz, leaps, spins, across the floors and combinations. 

Recital:  One baton routine, one dance routine. ONE COSTUME used for both.



Dance Combo - Jazz/Ballet/Lyrical   Variations according to age and levels.


Students will learn beginner to advanced levels of ballet, jazz, and lyrical skills. Concentrating on technique, body alignment, musicality, turns, leaps, spins. Across the floors and combinations.

Recital: One Dance (Instructor selects the genre) One Costume.




Baton Twirling – Baton & Bodywork   Variations according to age and levels.


Our instructors are N.B.T.A. advanced level coaches.  Our studio teaches the most effective twirling technique that prepares twirlers for majorette lines, feature twirler, collegiate lines and competitive solos.  Students will learn beginner - Advanced level Twirling skills: flash work, fingers, rolls, Loops, flips, wraps, high toss tricks, multiple spins, bodywork, jumps and leaps. This is a high energy environment that mixes dance with baton to show off a modern style of twirling. More advanced classes will learn multiple batons.

Recital: One Baton Routine.    One Costume.



Gymnastics: Tumble/Acro with Coach Tim & Miss Annie 


Gymnastics: (tumbling/Acro) Every student works on their own level, setting their own goals and competing only with themselves. Class will increase flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, endurance, timing, self-discipline, and confidence. Classes focus on proper hand placement and body alignment with emphasis on the muscles and flexibility required to perform & build acro skills starting with basics (variations of cartwheels, back bends) moving to more difficult skills (handstand, bridge kick-over, backbend from standing up, round off, front & back walkover, back hand springs, aerials, & more.                                                                                            Recital:  One Leotard.  Recital is optional for students taking gymnastics only.



Hip Hop  -  Variations according to age and levels.


Hip-hop concentrates on a studio style hip hop. Isolations, locks, pops, sharp executed moves that show off a street style dance.  Very cool music, always wholesome and age appropriate.  Each week students will learn a combination of hip hop in a high energy environment.

Recital:  One Hip Hop Dance/Hip Hop Costume.


Hip Hop Pom  -  Variations according to age and levels.


Hip-hop concentrates on a studio style hip hop. Isolations, locks, pops, sharp executed moves that show off a street style dance.  Part of this class will also include Poms that will give an amazing visual that makes the hip hop jump off stage!  Very cool music, always wholesome and age appropriate. 

Recital:  One Hip Hop Pom Dance/Hip Hop Costume.


 Tap & Musical Theater    (Tap/Introduction to musical theater)  COMING SOON!

Students will learn the basics of a jazzy Tap in a musical theater style. Tap steps, poses, singing & acting out the lyrics of children’s Disney/Fairy Tale/Broadway hits will increase the FUN, Confidence and Showmanship.    Recital: Tap Routine/One Tap Costume.

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Our staff follow safety guidelines for Covid-19

8-15-2020  We are a Mask Wearing Studio. (at this time)

We can't wait to drop the mask, but our promise to our students and families is to keep our studio as safe as possible.  We need to protect and take care of one another.  As an owner and someone who has worked with children for more than 35 years, my thoughts are "if masks can help to keep the spikes from rising, and we do our part, maybe our studios will stay open and serve our children during a time that is so difficult for all.  We love you and we care for you! 

Let's work together so we can stay together!


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