2020-2021 Twirl Time Price List:


We are now determining total monthly tuition fees using the chart below. Our prices will remain very affordable and all recital fees will remain the same this year. Hoagie fund raisers available.




Monthly tuition is the SAME every month regardless of a 3,4, or 5, week month.  Holiday breaks and recital week are all included into the yearly calendar and annual fee.  Details given in our policy hand out. No refunds or credits for missed classes.  If a student leaves and returns in the same season a new registration fee will be due.  No pro-rated amounts will be issued.


Covid: Hybrid or on-line learning will be announced if Covid puts us in the Red Zone.  Tuition will be adjusted to a discounted amount.




Add the total weekly class times to calculate monthly tuition.


(Example:  30 minute +45 minute weekly class =  75 minutes (1.15min)  $65 month)


Add each child individually.      Siblings 50% off. 


Annual Registration Fee due at sign up.  $25 Single Student      $40 Family


Class Times                     Tuition Due-Month 


30 min                                       $45.00 


45 min                                        $52.00

1 hour                                        $60.00


1.15 min                                   $65.00


1.30 min                                   $72.00

1.45 min                                   $77.00


2.0 hour                                    $82.00

2.15 min                                   $87.00

2.5 hour                                   $93.00

2.45 min                                  $98.00

3 hour                                     $105.00

3.15 min                                   $110.00

3.30 min                                    $115.00



Other start up expenses that might apply:

  • Batons $30 measured and purchased at Twirl Time (includes tax & shipping)

  • Jazz Shoes $30 (includes tax & shipping) Purchased at Twirl Time (Recital-Tan)

  • Princess Ballerina 3-5yr Ballet Slipper (purchase with studio or outside) (Recital – White)

  • Buddy Dance ballet slipper or bare feet.  (Recital – footwear to be announce

  • Tap Shoe can be purchased anywhere (Recital – Black)


Arrangements and teacher assignment will be made with Marianne Rieg.

Student fee (taking one studio core class)   


1/2 hour      $15                 1 Hour     $25

Non-Studio Student             $20 month studio fee


1/2  hour     $25                  1 Hour    $35

Recital Expenses:   

$25 participation fee. 

$12 tickets  One day show. 

Costumes $68 Little Learner & 78 for Juniors & Up 

Most students need one to two costumes.

Tights  $12

Necessary Shoes  (we do not require new if they are presentable and stage ready)




Our staff follow safety guidelines for Covid-19

8-15-2020  We are a Mask Wearing Studio. (at this time)

We can't wait to drop the mask, but our promise to our students and families is to keep our studio as safe as possible.  We need to protect and take care of one another.  As an owner and someone who has worked with children for more than 35 years, my thoughts are "if masks can help to keep the spikes from rising, and we do our part, maybe our studios will stay open and serve our children during a time that is so difficult for all.  We love you and we care for you! 

Let's work together so we can stay together!


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216 W 9th Avenue, Tarentum, Pa, 15084

CALL: 412-889-0179 

EMAIL:  mariannerieg@yahoo.com

Include: Phone Number


Our Hours of Operation are Limited. 

We are open when classes are taking place.

Please call ahead and make an appointment.