Performance & Competition Teams


Twirl Time offers a variety of performance opportunities. Parades, Community Shows, Festivals, and NBTA & TU competitions. Children age 4 and up can tryout for our performance teams. 


Competitive and Performance Teams

Twirl Time Twirlers performance & competitive baton and dance is a program that offers a higher level of training and takes students who are serious about practice, highly motivated to learn, and able to keep consistent attendance while taking additional classes & practices.  

Our Goal

Our goal is to teach our team that the real prizes in life is not measured by a trophy, however dedication and hard work produce positive results. We encourage a non-competitive environment between teammates and focus on team building and strong bonds within our Teams. We are a family friendly studio, and have our choreography and age-appropriate costuming reflect that. We provide nurturing, supportive instruction while always expecting our students to be accountable with obtaining their skills and responsibilities to their team. 


Being placed on a Team is by audition or approved by the program director, Marianne Rieg. We encourage all children that are interested in our performance teams to participate in our summer sessions. We evaluate the children not only at the auditions but throughout the summer sessions. 

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View some of our performances below!