Twirl Time Studio Policies




Organization and Safety is a priority for us. Please read our policies and expectations.

Our 2021/2022 Season runs from September to June with a recital at the end of the year. All students are expected to participate in our show to learn to connect steps, choreography, and support teamwork.


Class Tuition Policies

  • On-line credit card payments will be available on our web site.  Cash and Checks can be put in the onsite drop box.  Cash will need to be put in an envelope, student name and payment details. An email confirmation will be sent within two business days.

  • Monthly tuition payments are based on the entire season and not based on classes per month.  Monthly calendar will include 3, 4, or 5 classes depending on the specific calendar month and built in holidays. Full Tuition is due every month, it is not based on a 4- week month, it is priced for a full season from September to June and charged monthly for convenience to our customers.   This payment saves your child’s spot to include teacher fees, class expenses and overhead.

  • Payments are due the 15th of every month. Payments received after the 20th will result in a $10 late fee. Please avoid late payments.

  • If online payments are not possible and the payment due date is during a holiday break, checks can be mailed to Marianne Rieg at 1432 sandstone drive, Tarentum, pa. 15084

  • Payments that result in non-sufficient funds (NSF) will incur a $20 fee.

  • Payments that fall 1 month behind will result in suspension of services until balance is paid in full. 

  • Tuition refunds are issued only if a class is canceled due to low enrollment.

  • Classes must have 5 participants to stay on the calendar


Class Withdrawal Policies

  • A one-month notice must be given for class withdrawals.

  • If a student wishes to withdraw from a class, the family must inform twirl time studio in writing either in person or by email to

  • Tuition is due during this one-month period.

  • Registration fees and any fund raising fees are not refundable.  Fund raising fees are expired after three months of leaving the studio.

  • If a student returns after a withdrawal or returning after a full month with no notice, an additional registration fee is required. ($25 single or $40 family)  Placement into a class will take place if a spot is available. We will not guarantee the same class.


Class Cancellations

  • Unexpected Studio Cancellation due to weather conditions, instructor illness, building issues, etc. will offer a formal make up for all students. 

  • Most often make-ups are scheduled for a Friday or Saturday.

  • Dress Attire: Athletic or Dance Wear.  No 2-piece outfits that show mid-section.    Hair pulled back.  

  • IMPORTANT RULE!  No casual clothing. 

  • DANCE SHOES.  The FLOOR must stay clean and dry at all times.  Dancers may be asked to dance barefoot (no socks) or attend another day if it is a safety hazard.                                          

  • Foot Wear

  • Ballet Slipper:  Sweet Petite Dance


  • Jazz Shoe: ALL other classes.  BEIGE Jazz Shoe for recital. 

  • Tap Shoe:  (Any color for class)  Black Tap for recital.   

  • Hip Hop – Tennis shoe or Jazz shoe

  • Saturday Classes: Saturdays may experience a few formal make-ups due to competitions and studio events. Normally a Friday evening will be scheduled as the official make-up.

  • Attendance & Practice

  • To receive full benefits, students must be on time and attend consistently. Missed classes or not practicing will cause your child to fall behind, making it hard on their class members and instructors.  respect the instructor’s job to keep moving forward. If a student falls too far behind, A paid private lesson will be expected or maybe another class will be suggested. Please match expectations with the time and commitment that your child is devoting.

  • No Make-Up Class policy for students who miss class, some exceptions are made if available. Not all classes have a compatible class or space. No Refunds for Missed Classes.

  • Communication:  The studio uses our email chain to communicate all important announcements. We also use a face book page for events and announcements. Please like our page: Twirl Time Studio  

  • We Welcome Questions  We ask that all communication be conducted by phone or email. Please call the program director not the instructors: Marianne Rieg at (412) 889-0179  email:

  • Class Schedule: There is a 5-minute transition time.  Be prepared to have your child’s class run over for five minutes. Our lobby does not allow for a lot of space, so we need some extra time to ensure a safe drop off and pick up.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.  All classes receive full time.

  • Family Class Review Days: To avoid distractions for the instructors, or making the children nervous, we ask that family be respectful by not looking into the classroom for the entire class. Review nights will be scheduled according to what will be allowed with Covid.

  • VIDEO TAPING:  Please avoid recording unless an instructor approves.  We have children who do not have a release to approve any postings on face book, foster care, etc.

  • Conduct & Safety

  • No Twirling in the hallways or common areas.

  • Drop Off: Students should arrive on time to change their footwear, start a pre-stretch, and be ready to take the floor when their class is announced.

  • Pick Up: Parents please be on time to pick up your child. Children will remain on dance floor with instructor or at desk with staff.  No Child is to be alone in the Lobby area.

  • Each child is picked up by an adult. No child leaves the studio alone.

  • Avoid Bringing Valuables to the Studio We assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items.

  • NO STUDENT CELL PHONES DURING CLASS OR BREAKS. Phones can be used to video routines with teacher approval.  Call a parent for an important reason. Please ask your child to be respectful with social media and avoid any negative talk. This can result in suspension.

  • Twirl Time hires the most qualified instructors.  Background Checks are a part of our hiring process.   Our teacher assistants complete a training program.





Twirl Time Studio Policies due to COVID-19

Due to the impacts of COVID-19 we recognize that there are many new procedures required to conform to social distancing requirements, the mandates of the state, and the need to maintain high cleanliness standards. Please review the following studio policies with your dancer and any adult who may be bringing your child.

General Studio Policies:

  • Masks: Students, staff and visitors are asked to wear masks.  We hope to lift the mask requirement at some point, but for the start of the season we will follow all mandates and recommendations by the state. We have developed classes that will make mask wearing comfortable.  Short mask breaks with social distancing will be given.

  • DROP OFF & PICK UP:   Small children may have one person. Use discretion and be respectful in the hallways and wait areas.  Lobby areas will be limited or closed if mandated. The goal is to limit the number of people in the facility.  If your child is a little older and independent, please drop off to limit the congestion inside the building.

  • Parents need to take temperatures and monitor their child’s health and wellbeing to attend dance class. Twirl Time reserves the right to take temps if symptoms are suspected. 

  • No water coolers or water fountains. Students should bring a labeled water bottle. Twirl Time will sell water bottles (when available) $1.00 (room temperature)

  • REST ROOM:  While the restroom will be open and cleaned, please use restroom before coming to Twirl Time.

  • If your child is sick or anyone in your home has been ill with symptoms, do not have your child attend class.  Gymnastic classes will use sanitizer before and after each group mat exercise.  Instructors will wear their masks to spot from a short distance.


Dancer Policies:

  • Dancers will wash hands or use sanitizer upon entry and exit of the studio.

  • Dancers will wear dance attire and have hair pulled back to the studio (dress at home).

  • Dancers need to have one bag/backpack that will hold all their belongings with NAME.

  • Wear athletic or dance wear, we will need to be stricter this year.  NO EVERYDAY CLOTHING.

  • Dance shoes should only be worn in the classroom ONLY.

  • We will not be doing lifts/ handholding, exchanging batons, and will continue to reevaluate over time.

  • To help keep the dance center clean, no food, sugar drinks or gum are permitted.